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The 100th Episode: Riverside Weekend - Friday May 27th 2016


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0100

The celebration that is Episode 100 includes an archive of the live stream Ralph and Pat attempted on Facebook when they recorded the show Thursday afternoon. Michael J. Elderman and Buzz Saw are on hand for the occasion. You'll find your choice of audio *or* video presentation after the link. Get the scoop on yet another great festival weekend in town. In Arlington it's the annual Chili Cook-Off and Car/Cycle show and Downtown it's the amazing Saturation Fest. Thurssday's Artswalk brings cool activities and presentations in multiple Downtown locations. Take a look, take a listen...hey!

Friday May 27

7:00PM Cemetery of Splendor | The Culver Center

8:00PM The Murder Room | Riverside Community Players

BACK TO THE GRIND: Saturation Fest: Miss Chief, Mind Monogram, Dead Bedouin, Inner Wave, Tactful Cactus, Lapin Lover
HIDEAWAY CAFE: Saturation Fest: Ivy Rose, Sonic Bath, Mammoth Brigade, Don't Kick Jimmy, Noa James
MARIO'S PLACE: Gary Stanionis
MTL: Saturation Fest: The Sleeping Sea King, Haiku, Residuels, Caveman Movies, Mute Point, The Fancy Grins
ROMANO'S CONCERT LOUNGE: Slaves Against The Machine

Saturday May 28

9:30AM Chili Cook-Off & Car/Cycle Show | Arlington Village

10:00AM The IE Record Collective | Worthington's Tavern

12:00PM GAR Memorial Day Service | Evergreen Memorial Cemetery

3:00PM Cemetery of Splendor | The Culver Center

7:00PM Cemetery of Splendor | The Culver Center

8:00PM The Murder Room | Riverside Community Players

AUREA VISTA: Saturation Fest: Luna 13, Trapped Within Burning Machinery, Blasting Concept, La Fin Absolute Du Monde, Band Aparte, Sashcloth & Axes, Bed Bugs, Pigeonwing, Marquee Facade, Fantasy Lane
BACK TO THE GRIND: Saturation Fest: Easy Love, Castle Pines, Eva and the Vagabond Tales, The Shingles, Inner Ecstacy, Gnarvana, Them Howling Bones, In Autumn, The Kyotees, Nick Nasal Nose Picker, The Murky Water District
INLAND EMPIRE RECORD COLLECTIVE: Saturation Fest: Cutty Flam, Naive Thieves, Brain Story, Son of Cecil, Bedroom Talk, Family of Light, Your Westies, Sal & Isela, and more
MARIO'S PLACE: Jazz Junkies
MTL: Craic Haus, The Buzz Jumpers, The Wildwood Dreamers, The Centuries, Society's Grudge
PIXELS: Saturation Fest: Kevin Greenspon, Dunes, Roses, Ghost Noise, Justus Proffit, Moaning, Digital Dungeon, Blind Item, Signals for Starships, Bye, Hair Perfect

Sunday May 29

12:00PM Artswalk @ Saturation Fest '16 | Parking Lot 16, Orange Street

2:00PM The Murder Room | Riverside Community Players

BACK TO THE GRIND: Saturation Fest: Moxiebeat, Waste Age, New Ruin, The Groans, Weathered Beast, Donax, Maria Sweet, New Fist
THE MENAGERIE: Saturation Fest: Fox and the Red Hares, Judas Beefcakes, The Violet Mindfield, The Coil, Boy Material, The Death Talks
ROMANO'S CONCERT LOUNGE: New Way On, Dudes Night, Spanish Love Songs, Divided Heaven
PIXELS: Saturation Fest: 3PM - Healing, Baby Hands, The Big Nothing, Sonny Love & The Moon Parade, Moondreamzzz, Bellhaunts; 6:30PM - Michael Vidal, The Victoriana, Shivering Window, Ambersmoke, Platten Bau, Shojo Winter, Sh*t Giver

Tuesday May 31

1:00PM City Council - Special Meeting | Art Pick Council Chamber

BACK TO THE GRIND: Open Mic With Bill Odien
HIDEAWAY CAFE: Open Mic With Tracy Kaos; featured: Do Wrong Right

Wednesday June 01

3:30PM Governmental Affairs Committee | Art Pick Council Chamber

5:30PM Transportation Board | Art Pick Council Chamber

MTL: Acoustic Showcase hosted by Stephanie Dianne Moore: Zach Beckwith, Cris Ramos, Maxwell Stalker Duo, Ralph Torres, Bernice Celest, Beyond a Dead End

Thursday June 02

3:00PM Public Safety Committee - Special | Art Pick Council Chamber

6:00PM Artswalk at RAM | Riverside Art Museum

6:00PM Artswalk Chia Pets | Riverside Metropolitan Museum

6:00PM The Loving Story | Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties

7:00PM Literature on the Lawn | Riverside Public Library

MTL: Anna Marie and the 5150's, Scarlett And The Fever