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#0088: Riverside Music - Bob Vennum and Lisa Kekaula


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0088

Patrick and I spent a recent afternoon at El Rancho Relaxo working on some new Riverside Music episodes. For the first of this 2016 series we're stoked to host Bob Vennum and Lisa Kekaula of Riverside's international rock and roll export The BellRays. Bob and Lisa were able to take a few minutes from their European tour prep (60+ shows in 72 days) to talk BellRays history and the not-so-insignificant effort of sustaining a successful indie band for over 25 years. They also treat us to a groovy acoustic performance.

My gracious thanks to Buzz Saw and Michael J. Elderman for their meticulous documentation of the day, and to Patrick for providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for these shows!

- Ralph from Riverside

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