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#0027: One Year of the Fox Open Mic with Patrick Maloney


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0027

Imagine this: A regular Monday night gathering of songwriters and performers begins at our very own, fully restored Fox Theater Preview Bar. It's an immediate success. Musicos of all ages and styles line up to sign up...and soon fill up all the spots from 6PM to 11PM. Venue operator Live Nation allows the organizer to suggest local performers to open for headline shows in the main room. Oh, and once every few months the best of the regulars get to try it out the big stage. In spite of managment changes and a few slow Mondays over the holiday season it gains steam and roars through the first year anniversary with yet another showcase in the theater.

In Riverside? Nah. Never. We musicians know this town too well. They'll pull the plug after a few weeks. The theater foundation will think it too common for the venue. Genres will clash. Youngsters will shun the oldsters.


Riverside impressario Patrick Maloney has taken a great idea and, with the help of Andy Gay on the soundboard and viral images from photographers Michael J. Elderman and Buzz Saw, steered a fine notion into a welcoming room that is full of opporunity and community. Young singer/songwriters have bloomed on the small but professional stage. Connections and collaborations are sown weekly and the fruits of those new networks soon show up in the mix. All of a sudden Riverside music creators have a home that is overflowing with talent and tunes. And it's spreading around town quickly as Fox performers are supplying a steady stream of participants to other open mic nights popping up in other local venues.

I sat down with Pat this week to talk about the first year and the celebration coming up Monday, March 9th on the big stage. Local artists Borrowed Bones, Glass Cactus, Sheyna Gee, Eddie Lowery, Mark Nemetz, Daniel Rosa, Stephanie Dianne Moore, Michael Maxwell and Cris Napoles Ramos will be breaking out the songs for this one. It starts at 6PM and is free for all ages. If you love new music, come down and support this awesome and vital event and get acqauianted with some of the best Riverside music.

Seriously, this is so incredibly good for our city.

Here are a few of the other local artists who have spotlighted at the regular Monday shows: Ace Diamond, Ace Guillen, (actual size), Adrian & Daisy, Anthony Duran, Apryle Dalmacio, Blown Speaker Gospel, Bob and Lisa, Bob Nye and Robert Vennum, Brianna Becerril, Bucksworth, Buzz Saw, Charlie Moon, Chase Given, Chase Walker Band, Choiceana, Chuck Roberts, Crossroads, Daniel Rosa, Desert Eagle, Detour 91, Donita Lang Smith, Faust, Fred and Gayle, Half Way, Horror in the Moonlight, Eva & the Vagabond Tales, Jack & Mark, Jaxx Sessions, John McGill, Kern Richards, Kevin Darish, Matt Coleman, Matthew James, Micah Justice, Michael Soy, Nathan Wolf, Off the Vine, Old Brown Shoe, One Hundred Proof, Paul Olives, Patrick Maloney Sr., Roadside Ghost, Salty Raisins, Sounds of the Earth, Strange Indeed, Sundowners, The Angry Babies, The Canaries, The Dangers, The Mighty Strange, The Norms, The Sedans, The Union Drifters, Tom Feucht, Tom Geoghegan with the Sedans, Tori Fleming, and Travis Miller

Thank you Patrick, City of Riverside and Live Nation for bringing the good stuff to our community. Keep it going!

- Ralph from Riverside