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#0021: Riverside Profile: Charlotte Ransom McKenzie


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0021

"Hey, it's Riverside calling...calling you back..."

Does it read like a lyric? How many who have called our town home have moved away only to return for keeps? There's something about Riverside.

In the context of Southern California it's easy to find the contrasts that make this city unique and desirable. Expand that perspective to include the larger USA and beyond and (save for the obvious weather advantages) the attractions become more personal and particular.

Charlotte Ransom McKenzie is one of us who returned to Riverside to re-establish some serious roots. We were both Poly kids at the same time. I knew who she was back then -- we spent a lot of time around the Fine Arts classrooms -- but in true high school reality we were both of our own cliques (and a grade apart). Years later we're Facebook friends and we seem to run into each other around town quite a bit. She still performs in community theatre productions (and sings too) while raising a family and working a professional career.

We sat down recently in the office she shares with her mom. Together they are the Ransom-McKenzie Team at Coldwell Banker Armstrong Properties. I was interested to learn the story of the years in between and the sequence of life events that led Charlotte back to the Wood Streets and Brockton Arcade.

We got around to quite a few topics (including the Tequesquite Community Garden which will be the basis of another future conversation with Charlotte). This episode is all about coming back to where you belong...

- Ralph from Riverside