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#0018: Singer/Songwriter Stephanie Dianne Moore


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0018

A concentrated, supported effort executed by capable and caring hands in a celebrated venue. When Live Nation took over the operation of the Fox Theater Performing Arts Center they had the good sense to trust an employee (held over from the previous management) with their financial and technical resources for the experiment of a weekly open mic. Patrick Maloney and sound engineer Andy Gay ran with it and cultivated a regular event that is bringing big crowds (and a royal buffet of music genres) to Downtown Riverside every Monday night. Today's episode features an additional short chat with Patrick about the latest "Best of" show coming up August 4th in the big room at the Fox (which includes our headline guest).

I heard Stephanie Dianne Moore on the second or third Monday...she already seemed a comfortable regular with an enthusiastic group of supporters in the audience. Her sound and style suited her look. Confident and without pretense, Stephanie worked the audience with a breezy, catchy and smart sound. She whistled creative little improvisations where a guitar or saxaphone would be. I got the impression she had some serious experience on her instrument as a couple songs went into some not-beginnerish jazzy territory.

Over these last twenty-plus weeks of the open mic I've seen a cool evolution in Stephanie's look. That earlier confidence has moved into a place that is...well...even more Stephanie. That's the cool thing about her...she is more like herself than she's ever been and it's all her own thing. I can imagine her songs in a full suit of indie-acoustic-eclectic threads fitting in on any big-city college radio format.

We had a great time talking about the roots of her musicality and her excitement of discovering her own reservoir of song. She also played a couple of her compositions for the podcast. It's a real treat to see an atmosphere develop in Riverside that feeds young creator/performers like Stephanie. I'm looking forward to hearing many more from Miss Moore!

- Ralph from Riverside