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#0013: Community Activist & UCR Lecturer Matthew Snyder


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0013

I first heard of the 28ers last year when my friend Tim Brown called my attention to a presentation they were promoting about the money sources in local elections. Elizabeth Ayala's (you might remember her from Podcast 2 with the Riverside Food Co-op) round up of contributions from near and far was more than revealing.

That evening I also found out a bit more about the roots and endeavors of the young organization. I learned the "28" was a reference to a proposed 28th Amendment...something that was created within the group's membership. Ambitious, for sure...some would say audacious. Yet, here was a diverse gathering of Riverside residents who recognized this time of discontent calls for solutions that are post-partisan...ideas that, when implemented, aimed to restore a confidence in government by requiring accountability from the outset of a political campaign.

When I inquired about a podcast appearance, Matthew Snyder was the 28er who replied. He was busy in support and collaboration with other community orgs in the state who were walking from Los Angeles to Sacramento in support of the State Senate's consideration of bill AJR-1.

We ended up covering a lot of ground. Matthew's enthusiasm is infectious, his dedication admirable (he had finished a drive from Sacramento hours before our talk). He presents a strong starting point for dialogue...a dialogue by Americans to make our government better from the bottom up.

Americans do have more in common than in difference.

- Ralph from Riverside