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#0009: A Riverside Profile with Mike Geoghegan


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0009

It's a challenge to wrap my head around the fact that it has been nearly 30 years since I met Mike Geoghegan. He was the "new kid" at work (only because I had been there two or three years already). I didn't know at first that he was a guitar guy. Heck, even when I found out I had no notion we would play music together for a good portion of the upcoming three decades.

It wasn't long before I met Mike's mom and learned more about his family and their Long Island roots. As our own lives moved forward, so did our music, and I appreciated early on how Mike approached the lead guitar role. Surely we've had some challenging times between us but for every drift apart there has been an eventual reunion. I think this is a Mike thing because I know many others who also count him as a close and consistent confidant.

I think you'll enjoy Mike's story. He also performs a song at the end...his take on a new Chris LeRoy composition slated to appear on the new Dangers release. We captured this on a stairwell at the Fox Theatre earlier this evening.

- Ralph from Riverside