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#0014: Riverside Profile: Craig Dales


CAN'T SEE THE PLAYER? TRY THIS LINK: https://soundcloud.com/heyriverside/hey-riverside-0014

I must credit social media for getting me out of the house more often. A few years back it became all the rage to set up "local" groups on Facebook -- old memories and photographs of your town and enough people involved to make a reunion with an old friend inevitable. Who could stay away from that? I knew my favorite early on. Although I'm a 1960s kid, the older kids in We grew up in Riverside CA in the 50's and 60's were OK with the youngster hanging around. The bonus was their dedicated circle of "regulars" who extended the virtual group over into real life luncheons and hang-outs.

I finallly got to meet Craig Dales in person at one of these events (an early lunch at D'elia's on University). Our conversation was short but memorable...and I've been hoping for another one since I started the podcast. Recently I noticed he was going to have a few weeks open in between his motorsports engagements (you'll hear about the drag racing) and we arranged to meet back at that patio table at D'elia's.

The morning of our conversation was one of the last days before the summer heat kicked in...a pleasant, sunny affair that worked well with Craig's attitude and ease behind the microphone. We roamed a lot of stories and memories, and I learned how making your car go as fast as possible requires a strong technical ability and a good command of meteorology. I even got an invite to help out on his crew when he's racing regionally (earplugs included).

This one was easy and fun and Craig's positive outlook and enthusiasm for life comes through loud and clear.

- Ralph from Riverside